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Did you know that your lifestyle choices can greatly affect the overall health and appearance of skin? To help you make the right lifestyle choices, our dermatology team here at the office of Dr. Louis Luke Barich, MD have compiled a list of several risk factors that can contribute to unhealthy skin. Learn more below, and contact us at (513) 863-3555 today!


Smoking contributes to 90% of all lung cancer cases, 80% of all emphysema cases, and 75% of all chronic bronchitis conditions in the United States. Additionally, smoking has been linked to circulatory diseases, heart disease, and cancer of the bladder, mouth, tongue, and throat. Smoking also contributes to jaundiced (yellowed) skin premature aging. To keep your skin (and the rest of your body) as healthy as possible, don't smoke.
Smoking risks
Alcohol abuse
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Alcohol Abuse

In addition to being the leading cause of traffic deaths in the United States, alcohol abuse also contributes to a number of health-related conditions, including diseases of the urinary, respiratory, and digestive systems, as well as psychosis and cirrhosis of the liver. Alcohol abuse can lead to burst blood vessels in the skin and can slow collagen production and lessening skin elasticity at a rapid rate. In order to keep your skin healthy, it's best to moderate your alcohol intake.

Drug Abuse

The routine use of drugs, including narcotics (heroin, codeine, morphine), sedatives (barbiturates, tranquilizers), stimulants (amphetamines), and hallucinogens (marijuana, LCD) can lead to a number of negative health conditions. Damage to the circulatory, respiratory, and endocrine systems can lead to noticeable changes in skin appearance, including discoloration and early-onset aging. Do what's best for your skin: don't abuse drugs. 
Drug abuse
Mental stress
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Mental Stress

Chronic mental stress can lead to unwanted health conditions such hypertension, high blood pressure, exhaustion, headaches, heartburn, fatigue, and back pain. Over time, mental stress will wear the body down, leading to decreased collagen production, decreased skin elasticity, and more skin damage overall. If you feel like you are experiencing chronic stress, take the necessary lifestyle steps to live as stress-free as possible, for your skin and your entire body.

Improper Nutrition

Improper nutrition can contribute to a host of major healthy conditions, including obesity, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, exhaustion, and stroke. Improper dieting can also calcium deletion, dehydration, and kidney failure, all of which can negatively impact the health of your skin and your entire body. Eat healthy in order to live healthy — you skin and your body will thank you. 
Improper nutrition
Lack of exercise
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Lack of Exercise

If you do not regularly exercise, you are at much higher risk of heart disease at some point in your life. Lack of exercise can also contribute to strokes, heart attacks, problems of the digestive and respiratory system, and chronic fatigue. Exercising regularly will give you body extra energy and strengthen all its important systems, giving your skin an extra-healthy boost.

Improper Healthcare

On the most crucial things individuals and families can do to stay healthy is to schedule regular appointments with their healthcare providers. Without the trained expertise of a doctor, you will not have access to professionals diagnoses, treatments, and preventative care resources that will help keep your body healthy. If you are concerned with your lifestyle habits and how they may be affecting your skin, schedule at appointment with our dermatological professionals here at the office of Dr. Louis Luke Barich, MD today!
Improper healthcare
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